5 More Educational YouTube Channels

YouTube is a convenient place to go if you want to find engaging educational videos. This is a sequel to our last blog post where we shared 5 Educational YouTube Channels. Watching videos like this can help students see concepts in a different way and can even prevent summer learning loss.

Most of the channels we’ll be talking about in this blog post are science related, but some of these channels talk about other things.

1. Periodic Videos – Chemistry

Started in 2008, this channel calls itself “your ultimate channel for all things chemistry”. Each video is dedicated to a different element on the periodic table. You can see science experiments in action and see the elements up close.

You can visit their website here. Video journalist Brady Haran creates the videos that feature chemists from University of Nottingham. Most of the time, research professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff hosts the videos.

Below you can find a video explaining how a Pythagoras Cup works, how water and mercury flow through it differently, and how the density of mercury stops water from flowing out of the cup.

2. Tom Scott – History and Science

Tom Scott has multiple series on his channel like Things You Might Not Know, Amazing Places, Built For Science, and Citation Needed. He travels all around the world, talking about various obscure and bizarre places and topics. Everyone can learn something from his channel. His videos are short and filled with lots of facts, so it’s good for when you’re on the go.

In this popular video on his channel, he talks about the most vibrant pink pigment ever made, so pigmented and bright that it can’t be properly captured on camera.

3. Jay Foreman – UK History and Politics

If you have an interest in British history and politics presented with a silly sense of humour, Jay Foreman’s channel might be the place for you. He has three main series on his channel: Map Men, Unfinished London, and Politics Unboringed. Other than that, he writes songs.

In this popular video on his channel, he talks about why London has so many airports and presents it in such a fun, interesting, well-produced way.

4. Our Changing Climate – Science and Environment

This channel makes videos exploring environmental issues. Sometimes they’re about consumerism and what we purchase. Other videos tie in politics and popular culture into the environment. These videos are thought provoking and have great visuals and narration.

In this video, different methods of transportation are discussed and compared based on which has the smallest carbon emissions footprint. He also explains how the carbon emissions footprint is calculated for each mode of transport.

5. Vsauce – Science and philosophy

YouTuber Michael Stevens started multiple channels with the Vsauce name and the most popular videos on his channel are his educational ones, focused on science and philosophy. His approach to his videos is interdisciplinary and many of them focus on one question and going off on related tangents. His videos are some of the most popular educational videos on YouTube and we can’t make a list of great educational YouTubers without listing him.

On the main Vsauce channel, you’ll mostly find his premium series called MindField, but there’s still a lot of older free content on that channel. On his side channels Vsauce 2 & 3, you’ll find lots of educational videos, all available for free.

In this popular video, Vsauce talks about what events will happen in the universe after we die.

Hope you enjoy these channels and learn something new!

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