Creating a Distraction Free Zone at Home

It’s important to have an area at home for distraction free study. When there are fewer distractions at home, it’s easier for your child to focus on their homework and do their best. In this post, we will discuss how to create a distraction free homework environment so your child can succeed.


There are distractions all over the home: TV, computer, radio, and now smartphones and tablets. The ideal distraction free zone would be a spare room made into an office (preferably) or if that’s not possible, a nook with a desk in the hallway, away from any noises or foot traffic.

What do I need?

A desk is a better place to do homework than a bed. A desk puts your child in the mindset that they are doing work, not relaxing. The chair for the desk should be comfortable and help with good posture.

The desk should have storage drawers for school supplies, books, old papers. A good way to keep them organised is with an accordion file with labels. Get in the habit of keeping these things in the same place every time. Keep books on a shelf and if they’re from the library, keep track of due dates on the calendar.

It’s best for the room to be plain, minimalist, and neutral, not full of posters and clutter, which can be distracting. The room shouldn’t be painted a bright colour.

Good lighting is also essential, especially during times of the year when there’s not much sunlight. Get a nice desk lamp.

Computers are needed for homework, but there are some extensions for the Chrome browser that block websites like StayFocusd. Another option is unplugging the wi-fi, which works well when your child’s homework doesn’t require the internet.

A timer can also come in handy. There’s a method called the Pomodoro Technique that uses a timer to break work into 25 minute intervals with short 5-10 minute breaks in between. Once the task is completed, check it off. After a few intervals, take a longer break. An online Pomodoro timer can be found here. This online timer is also mobile friendly.

If your child likes to listen to music while they do homework, that’s okay. A pair of noise cancelling headphones can help if they like to listen to music or there’s a lot of noise in the house.

Also, ensure that your child’s phone is silenced and put away, out of sight and out of mind. If they are expecting a call, mind their phone and give it to them when they’re needed.


Decluttering a room and organising and furnishing it for study can help your child succeed in their studies. Better study environment means better grades.

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