Benefits of Tutoring/Grinds

Tutoring is beneficial for students of all abilities, not just students who are struggling with classes. If your child want to improve their performance in school, they are an excellent candidate for tutoring. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of tutoring and common myths about tutoring.

Dispelling 5 Common Myths about Tutoring

1. “Tutoring is only for students who are struggling with classwork.”

Not true. Our tutorial classes at Castleisland Tuition Centre are supplemental instruction in a small group or one on one setting. Our experienced tutors help students by teaching them strategies for exams and study tips so they can do their best.

Any student who wishes to improve is welcome to our tutorial classes, whether they want to pass a class or need an extra challenge. Tutoring works best when the student is highly motivated and goes into their lessons prepared with questions and goals.

2. “It’s best to only seek out tutoring around exam time, when it’s especially needed.”

Students benefit the most from tutoring when they regularly go to tutorial sessions and when problems and mistakes are caught early and bad habits are broken.

A lot of material builds on the last lesson and if your child is having difficulty understanding material in early lessons, they might have more difficulty understanding the later lessons.

Our tutorial classes are small, and therefore fill up quickly, so it’s important to reserve your child’s place early.

Like it’s not good to procrastinate revising for exams, it’s best not to procrastinate when looking into tutoring. It’s impossible to cram an entire semester’s worth of material in a short period of time, so it’s best to start tutoring early.

With summer learning loss that students experience, it’s optimal to sign up your student for tutoring early on in the school year so they can get caught up, gain confidence, and succeed.

3. “My child’s teacher isn’t good at their job if my child needs tutoring.”

In a classroom, there is only so much individual attention a teacher can give each of their students. Sometimes a student needs a bit of extra help and that’s what tutoring sessions are for. Some concepts are difficult, but a tutor can help break it down in a way for a student to understand and reach their fullest potential.

4. “My child doesn’t say they need help, so they must be doing fine.”

A lot of children are afraid to ask for help or hesitant to admit they need it out of embarrassment. It’s important to regularly talk to your child about how school is going and ask if they need any help.

If your child takes a long time to complete homework, they have trouble grasping a concept, their grades slip, they feel nervous about school, or have trouble studying effectively, it might be time to hire a tutor.

5. “Tutors do all the work for my child and my child will become dependent on them.”

Our tutors help students think for themselves and give them the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. We explain the answers so the students have a better understanding of how to answer questions.

It is up to the student to put in effort and apply what they’ve learnt to their schoolwork and exams.

It is also not a replacement for independent study, it’s a supplement.

Benefits of Tutoring

Increases confidence:

The practise of skills and concepts in tutoring helps students become more confident learners so they can feel better about what they’re studying, perform at their best, and have a lifelong love for learning. Students who go to our tutorials feel more prepared for university.

It’s individualised:

It’s hard to get one on one attention in a classroom of 20+ students. However, with one on one tutoring, the session is tailored to the student’s individual needs. If a student quickly understands one concept, they can move onto another. If it takes more time for a student to master a concept, there’s no pressure to move onto the next concept.

It’s an environment conducive to learning:

Studying at home can be really distracting: loud hoovers, noisy neighbours, and all the technology around you.

Here at Castleisland Tuition Centre, our classrooms are safe, supervised, distraction-free spaces for study.

Contact us today to sign your child up for tutorial classes.

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