Leaving Cert Results: What Happens and Next Steps

In mid-August, students get their Leaving Cert results. This year, students get them on 15 August.

Getting the results

Students have two options to get their results.

One option is to go to the school and collect them. This is the way to get the results a few hours earlier. One caveat, students must collect the results themselves. A parent cannot collect results on their child’s behalf.

The second option is to log onto examinations.ie after noon and collect the results. You will need a PIN to collect them. It is also possible that the website can crash or load slowly due to the influx of people checking their results.

At this point, you will not find out yet if you got into your first choice course.

Next Steps

On Monday the 20th, the first round of CAO offers will be sent to families by post, email, and text. Students must accept the offers by 5:15 PM on the 24th to start their course.

The second round of CAO offers will be sent to families on the 29th, but students must be quicker to respond, as the deadline to accept the offer is 5:15 PM on the 31st.

What do I do if…

I feel my results were unfair.

Students can get an appeal form from their school and pay €40 per subject to file an appeal, however if there is a higher mark awarded, this will be refunded. Downgrades in marks are rare, but they can happen. The deadline to submit the appeal is 5 September 2018.

Results of the appeals will be available in mid-October. You should view your script before appealing. Scripts and copies of the marking schemes are available to be viewed on 31 August and 1 September and one can view them with a parent or teacher.

I’m disappointed with my results.

Keep in mind that people are not their Leaving Cert results. They do not measure worth or character. However, doing well on the Leaving Cert is important to get into post-secondary studies. Set goals that aren’t academic-related, like learning a skill or getting a job. Keep things in perspective. Ensure that the backup courses are chosen wisely.

There are many ways to get from point A to point B. Students can retake the Leaving Cert and they do not have to retake every subject. Students can accept an alternative offer in a different course or PLC, and they might be happier with it. They can take a gap year to work and defer their course offer to the next year. Looking at universities abroad can be a good option.

I’m not happy with the course I was accepted in.

Students can only take their highest choice in first round. If they wait until the second round offers, they may miss out on their highest choice or if they are lucky, someone in the first choice course rejects the first round offer and the student might get a better offer if they are barely under the points threshold.

It is possible to more easily transfer courses if they are common entry (for example, common entry sciences or liberal arts), but it may be difficult to get permission from the university. If you’ve started your course already, talk to classmates, class rep, SU reps, and lecturers about concerns.

Consider tutoring if you are struggling and always ask questions. At Castleisland Tuition Centre, we offer one on one tutoring in various subjects to help prepare and refresh your memory of concepts learnt in secondary school.

Keep in mind, the limit is four years of free fees. The earlier one decides to drop out, the less severe the financial implications.

On a happier note, you have now finished the Leaving Cert and you will have your results and you are moving on to bigger and better things. Good luck!

Feel free to contact Castleisland Tuition Centre for any of your tutoring needs for the Leaving Cert and repeats.

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