Leaving Cert Maths: An Overview

Maths is one of three mandatory Leaving Cert subjects. Maths is always after English and before Irish. Like the English and Irish exams, there is a Paper 1 and a Paper 2. Paper 1 is always on the first Friday and Paper 2 is always on the first Monday, so you have the weekend to do some study between the two papers.

What’s on the exam?

Papers 1 and 2:

Papers 1 and 2 are made up of two sections and each paper is worth 300 points. Each section is worth 150 points and there are 9 questions in total you will need to answer. You must answer all the questions. Every question has multiple parts. Most of the questions are word problems.

Section A is Concepts and Skills. There are 6 questions in this section.

Section B is Contexts and Applications. There are 3 questions in this section.

Tips for success

  • Study everything that you learned in class. Anything that you were taught could come up on the exam.
  • Look at previous exam papers and time yourself and make sure to practise as many times as you can. Get to know the language of the questions and you will become more comfortable answering them.
  • Don’t forget your calculator at home and make sure your calculator is one of the approved models.
  • Show your work. If you don’t show your work, you will lose points.
  • Don’t forget units.
  • Make sure your answer is in the simplest form.
  • Allow yourself time at the beginning to read the questions and understand them and allow yourself time at the end to check your answers.


Best of luck with your exams!

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